I’m the girl who prefers one lily instead of a dozen roses. I’m the girl who would rather stay in on a Friday night then party with strangers. I would rather have a movie night over fancy restaurants. I’d rather stay up all night sharing secrets then going out drinking. I won’t make you hold my bad I’d rather you hold my hand. I’m the girl who will love you more than anyone can dream of.

Boobs: proof that men can pay attention to 2 things at once.

I was dancing with the devil, I was singing dirty songs, pulling whiskey from the bottle till the early break of dawn.

I want you, in my arms, in my bed, in my life.

I refuse to live in the past. I won’t let it stunt the growth of my future. Join me or be left behind.

A boy asks for a picture with no clothes on. A man asks for a picture with no make up on.

The thing is you make me happy. You were there, are there. I never need to pretend with you. When I’m talking or when I’m with you. You’re hilarious you make me laugh all the time. You seem to pick up when something is wrong and you know just what to say to make it better and even if its only for a little while it helps. The thing is I love you. Thank you for everything.



I wanna laugh until I cry, wake up with you each day til I die.

A gentleman is not a man who says nice things to women. A gentleman is a man who says nice things and his actions back those words up.



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