Quotes I love this week

I may get lonely but I am never alone.

You’re it for me, the center of my world, the owner of my heart the love of my life!

If someone loves you enough to admit their mistakes and want to fix them give them another chance.

And I promise you this no matter who enters your life I will love you more than any of them!

Most of the time it’s easier to act like you don’t care rather than admit it’s killing you!

Don’t always say that there’s still time because there’s also a concept of it’s to late!

Love is when you take away the passion the romance and the feelings and you still care for them!

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes!

Don’t jump to a conclusion with nothing to land on!

Don’t ever hold my hand if you are going to let it go. Don’t ever say I love you if you are going to leave me alone!

I was counting on forever now I’ll never know!

When a woman stops crying over you that means someone else is making her smile

Take my kindness for a weakness I’ll take your life as a joke

Once someone disrespects me they no longer exist to me I dint tolerate bullshit I just move the hell on


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