14 quotes I love this week!

Here’s to all my girls be proud of who you are it didn’t take a man to get you this far.

The man that deserves you most is the man that thinks he doesn’t.

The risks I took hurt but I know its the things that can damage me the most that will fix me the best.

One day you’re going to wake up and notice that you should’ve tried I was worth the fight.

Just because I laugh a lot doesn’t mean my life is easy..just because I have a smile on my face everyday doesn’t mean that something isn’t bothering me..it’s just I choose to move on with the negatives in my life and keep my head up instead of dwelling on the past.

Someone amazing will come my way and it’ll make me realize why it wasn’t you.

Generally I’m a nice person just don’t push my asshole button.

Being great in bed is like being attractive and smart..the more you talk about it the less I believe it.

Honesty is an expensive gift so don’t expect if from cheap people.

The divorce rate between my socks is astonishing.

The faster I type in my password the more secret agenty I feel.

Nipples are so helpful and thoughtful with the whole tell everyone how cold I am thing.

In a perfect world you’d be able to mark people as spam for life.

No matter how funny you are if I don’t like you I won’t laugh.


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