Tuesday…Seems like a Monday to me.. but then again what day besides Friday doesn’t anymore. I don’t even know if people even read my blog post but who cares.. it’s just time to kill and space to fill right?! 

My life has defn. changed this month in just the past 8 days. I made a major decision for my career and am now enrolled full time for my BA.. which I’m nervous and excited about.. I disconnected with someone who I thought was an honest and genuine person..turned out she actually wasn’t anything like the way she portrayed herself to be.. I welcomed 4 new people into my life and really am happy that I’ve met them even though I wish it had been under different circumstances but hey whatever. My relationship is always on the up and up and we found out some really good news that will make our relationship even stronger…and no it’s not another baby haha..it’s more like ridding of his past (ex) sooner than we had anticipated.


All in all it may feel like a monday as I sit here eating oatmeal and analyzing the past week in my mind but frankly it’s a whole new month..new challenges..new paths.. and new memories that I really couldn’t be anymore excited for.


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