TGIF… you would think.


It’s suppose to be an exciting time..the beginning of the weekend, end of another tedious full work week. For some this may be true but for me today of all days of the week it’s not. Personally I love Fridays..I really do but this Friday has already started out completely and utterly horrible. Let’s give a little background, I’m self – employed I run a nanny service out of my very own personal home.. Don’t get me wrong I love it, the kids are a blast and I get to be a stay at home mom to my youngest (7months). 

So two days ago a little girl I watch got sick I mean projectile vomited all over my floor sick. I called her mom…mind you I have my RN background so I know when a kid needs to be seen by a doctor personally. So anyway I called her mom let her know what was going on mind you as I’m on my hands and knees cleaning vomit out of my carpet… in my living room. Needless to say her mom comes to pick her up… mind you her mom is military personnel so I know she has health insurance… brings her back the next day says oh I let her rest at home and she seems perfectly fine….okay so She comes back yesterday for a few hours and seemed to be doing better but I still advised she be seen.


Well today I was told first off she was going to be here at 5 am to drop her off so I roll out of bed at 4:30am to make sure I’m up and the lights are on and what not and I’m sitting and waiting and sitting and text … no call… she drops her off at 7am. Of course I’m super angry at this point because frankly if you know you aren’t going to be here for another 2 hours you need to get your head out of your rear end and politely call or text me… I’m not mad I couldn’t sleep in I’m mad at the fact that when my alarm goes off that early in the morning it wakes up my whole household and I have two kids of my own who wake up and then are cranky and miserable all day because they didn’t have to wake up by mommie’s alarm if someone had been kind enough to text or call about time change for dropoff….so then not even 30mins of being here guess who vomits all over herself and my couch and my floor… so I call her mom AGAIN and she gives me the excuse of she might be an “emotional puker” …uhm lady first that would require your kid to be either throwing a fit or crying which she wasn’t she sat up when I asked her if she wanted some breakfast and then she proceeded to vomit ALL OVER MY living room AGAIN. So I bagged up her dirty clothes give her a bath and I find a text on my phone and out of anything a concerned mother would probably text like “oh is she ok” or “is she running a fever” yadda yadda nope I find a text message of “Well she puked on her Jammies right not the new outfit I bought her” -_-… ARE YOU KIDDING ME>!>!>! Out of everything a geniunely caring concerned mother could text or ask you’re asking to make sure she puked on her jammies…. That really burns my hide because frankly 1. I told you 2 days ago she needed to be seen 2. Your kid just vomited large quantities everywhere to cover herself my couch and the floor and 3. you’re only worried about what outfit she puked on! 


I swear sometimes I wonder with some of the kids I watch if their parents are truly even competent to have their kids in the first place.

Sorry for the rant but I was really really upset over this.


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