Sunday fun day..

Learn not to care and flip your mother fckn hair.

Have no shame in what you do. Your life is your business.

I never thought life could be this sweet it got me cheesin from cheek to cheek.

But its cool IMA be a lady she thinks she’s cute but she don’t phase me.

I’ll be burger king and you’ll be McDonalds I’ll be doing it my way and you’ll be lovin it.

Real girls stay hoes come and go. Little boys play around real men settle down.

Too bad for you that when you had me you didn’t know what to do.

I swear I will never forget how he broke my heart but I promise he will never forget how I found someone to fix it.

There’s this thing called morals and self respect look them up and learn them.

Men respect women with standards get some.

Never look back. If Cinderella went back to get her shoe she never would’ve been a princess.

Congrats on being better than Mr because you don’t smoke or drink. I can tell from the way you don’t judge people that you’re an awesome person

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon like a fckn dream I’m livin in.

A woman needs a man with real intentions not a dumb boy that can’t even pay attention

I’m very indecisive and I always have a hard time picking my favorite anythings but I know for sure that you are my favorite.


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