Six special quotes.

o1. I take no moment spent together for granted. I hold onto every touch, caress, kiss and every word. I have memorized the feel of his skin, his smell, the sound of his voice and I play it over and over in my mind so that I will not forget. I cry myself to sleep some nights because missing him hurts so badly but wake up the next morning, brush myself off and start a new day.

o2. The next time you look into a soldier’s eyes think of the one by his side, the one left behind, the encouragement in his life, the women known as the military wife.

o3. Shit happens, flush the toilet and move on.

o4. I hope that one day you’ll realize how amazing you are because I wake up thinking that everyday you may think you’re the luck one but I know I am. Not many guys would put up with my constant complaining and bizarre questions and every changing whims but you do and that makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

o5. The essence of life is not being perfect, impressing people or suceeding at everything. The essence of life is simply making mistakes and learning from them, surrounding yourself with people that love you when you’re being yourself and getting through the failures so that you can continue improving.

o6. I love how we’re not kissy all the time, how we can argue and just mess around we don’t have to show other people how much we love each other because all that really matters is that both you and I know.


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