6 amazing quotes for the week.

o1. How do I know he loves me? He acts like a kid again, he makes weird little noises while he tickles me, blows up his cheeks and makes monkey faces, blows into my belly and makes fart noises. He’s silly yet serious when needed, he can tell me he loves me forever even when people try to break our relationship. What’s important though is that as all lovey dovey as it sounds he indulges in it and believes in it enough to put in the effort to make it last. .

o2. Don’t like me? lol okay I don’t wake up every single day to impress judgemental hyprocrites like you… you know what life is? Go get one you need it.

o3. If you worry about what others might think just remind yourself screw them they don’t pay your bills they don’t make your life you do.

o4. I’e found the guy that treats me the way I should be treated not on however his mood is that day. I’ve found the guy thats made me come to realize that everyone else was just a lesson learned.

o5. I finally have someone that will treat me right. Someone that will call me beautiful when I need it the most, someone that will love me endlessly

o6. When I met the other half of my soul I understood why all the others were let go. When I met the one who deserves my heart I understood why I and all the others are apart.


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