thirteen quotes just for us…

1. When I lay with you I could stay there,close my eyes feel you here forever you and me together nothing is better.

2. Distance means nothing. When someone means everything.

3. Telling the truth is different from talking shit.

4. Time is money and you ain’t worth a dime.

5. You should learn to take a joke as easily as you take a dick..whore

6. “Suck my dick” personalities can’t be sucked silly

7. I found a man who loves me more than you ever did before so stand beside the river I cried and let yourself drown.

8. Dear girls, dressing immodestly is like rolling in manure you’ll get attention but mostly from pigs.

9. I don’t want perfect I’ve got honest

10. Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever

11. The people who actually care about you will just be happy that you’re happy

12. When we wake up in the morning we have two choices.. go back to sleep and dream or wake up and chase those dreams the choice is yours.

13. It’s not what you;ve been through that defines who we are it’s how you deal with what you’ve been through.


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