I’m on my way..


From ages 14-18 every guy is retarded then at 18 they graduate to stupid.


There’s a time and place for everything there’s a reason why certain people meet there’s a destination for everyone.


People call it passion, lust or obsession I don’t really care when I’m with him it’s the only time I feel alive if you’ve never felt the power of that I feel sorry for you.


Our relationship isn’t perfect, but all that matters is how we view each other and when I look at you I see love. I look into your eyes and I know that I never want to be with anyone else.


I’m the girl who worries when you walk out the door the girl who will stand by you through everything the girl who is proud to say you’re hers I’m the girl who loves you with her whole heart.


Sometimes you gotta watch your family also they’ll cross you faster then a friend would.


Age doesn’t define maturity grades don’t define your knowledge and rumors don’t define who you are.


Girls pay attention, a wifey type has nothing do with rolling blunts and cooking its more like a woman that takes care of you loves you and stands by your side.


Fuck a morning text I want you always to awake next to me.


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