Take me down

Sometimes I think the only reason you stay in contact with me is to let me know how “well” you’re doing.. I’m happy for you.  Now fuck off.

No matter what you deserve to smile don’t let anyone take that from you.

These random kisses on NY forehead and the way you smile every time you see me means the world to me.

Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about.

Not maybe not tomorrow no someday right now at this very moment I realized something I need you I trust you I admire you I want you you can be wrong a lot of the time and we can fight and get mad at each other but nothing in this world can change the fact that I love you.

Don’t ever change the way you are, I’ve never loved anyone more.

There are 3 words I like to repeat to myself glass half full. Just to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have.

I don’t compete you either want me in your life or you don’t I’m not going to be the one individual who puts their life on hold while you try and figure it out

Some people think tattoos are dirty, unprofessional or reflect a rebel personality. I say otherwise I say it reflects positively on the individual with every tattoo you see a little more of who they are unlike those that hide behind society’s defined ‘norm’ they aren’t hiding behind anything they’re branding themselves with values and feelings.


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