Oh I bet…

My life is where ever you are guy, I’ll follow you anywhere, do anything if it means I can stay by your side.

I don’t play to get even, I play to win.

When someone is so sweet to you don’t expect it will be like that all the time because even the sweetest chocolate expires.

Happiness should depend on what you can give not what you can get.

A laundry list of problems doesn’t make you interesting and never getting help doesn’t make you brave.

She loves you enough to take your shit.

I guess you can say I’m complicated but I’d rather be difficult than easy.

You’re always going to know more in the future than you know now.

Do it today it could be illegal tomorrow.

You can’t judge my choices without understanding my reasons

The past is practice.

You can’t learn from a lesson if you don’t make the mistakes.

I come across confident and that makes women assume that means I think I’m hot shit and that makes them feel bad about themselves and hate me.

Moving on isn’t about never looking back, it’s about taking a glance at yesterday and noticing how much you’ve grown since then.

Being defeated is often temporary giving up is permnanent.


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