I got really annoyed tonight.. I was scrolling through the land of Facebook. Nothing out of the ordinary, when my friend, a stay at home mom popped up in my messenger. She just started one of those direct marketing selling businesses and she was wondering if I would host a party for her to help her kind of spread the word out there. I was like sure beans, I’m into helping out friends and I love learning about new products… who knows I might even become a consumer..ya feel me!?

So we created the totally all online event and I was pretty positive I knew many of my friends did at home work themselves and would totally at least come and check the event out. Then it dawned on me this one girl in particular (I don’t really know her all that well) declined the invite, now mind you a few days prior she was ranting away on Facebook land about how no one ever supports her business opps and that she hates how people can’t just “all come together and support each others endeavors”. I wanted to scream and rant back “well you do the same” “you ignore others people’s attempts at working their endeavors”. But then I laughed, because I realized she’s one of those people who just won’t get it. She won’t listen it, I’ll be talking to a brick wall, I’ll be blowing my words into deaf ears. I guess I watched business karma go down, if you can’t support your friends and their dreams why would they bother to support yours? I mean I work a business at home, and I love it, I pour my all into it and I make sure all that help me get the very best service and sometimes even special gifts and sales from me personally because of it… (just in case you were ever interested heres my page: http://www.youniqueproducts.com/lisamariehaskins )

ANYWHO, pointless rant, but it was just annoying me, and I hadn’t been on here in a hot minute so I thought I’d share my latenight moody message. Support and build each other up don’t be the one whose all about themselves!


xoxo L


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