Turn me on..

  • Your relationship is just that: yours. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else
  • A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes us forget the hundreds of lovable moments we’ve spent together within a minute
  • Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood you;ll have many chances to change a mood but you’ll never get the chance to replace the words you spoke
  • My decisions may be regrettable but my life is anything but forgettable
  • To put the past behind you you must accept that you’ve moved beyond it
  • Dwelling on the past only binds you to the future (word ends)
  • Sleep all day, party all night, grow old never die (word start)
  • If people have something to say about your life that’s saying little about their own keep your head up stay strong and move on

Song of the moment: Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran


xoxox L


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