Why Our Needs Remain Unmet

James 1:5-8

If our loving, omnipotent Father really does desire to meet His children’s needs, then why do some go unmet? Let’s look at a few key reasons why we may lack essentials.

We don’t ask.  If this seems elementary, it is. And yet it’s astonishing how many people fail to bring their concerns to God. Some say, “Oh He has too much to do to worry about my little problems.” Nonsense! Our Father is a very personal God, who cares deeply about everything that affects His children. In fact, Matthew 10:30 says He even knows the number of hairs on our head. So of course we should share with Him the details of our life.

We ask but doubt that God can or will do it. It’s a tragic mischaracterization to go before God of the universe and essentially say. “You aren’t big enough to handle my needs.” James 1:8 describes such a person as “double minded” and “unstable”. When you approach God do so knowing that He can meet your needs.

We ask God to address the symptom not the real need. At times we pray and pray about something – a particular emotional pain, perhaps – without seeing any change. The reason may be that we are focusing on the symptom rather than the actual need. As you continue talking to the Lord about the situation, you may discover the root need is something you have not even considered.

The heavenly Father wants to meet all your needs. If you can’t see Him acting on your behalf, be sure to take a critical look at yourself from His perspective. Then ask yourself, is it possible that I could be standing in the way of God’s work?


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