Welcome to December..

Most people define Christmas by what they see – the trees, lights, gifts, and parties. But in reality, it was an event that took place over 2000 years ago, when God arrived on Earth in the form of a newborn baby. Today we celebrate that Jesus came to reveal divine love for sinful mankind and to offer salvation by dying for our transgressions.

Once we understand its true significance, our attitude about Christmas will change. Instead of focusing on externals and feeling exhausted from all the preparations and activities, we’ll be able to see the holiday in an entirely new way. We can let the trees remind us of the cross where Jesus died, gifts can bring to mind the eternal life He gives us, and the lights can signify that the Light of the world now dwells in our hearts.

Considering all that Jesus has done for us, we should be filled with joy and gratitude during these weeks. But it’s also a fitting time for serious reflection about our eternal destiny. When we’re busy and distracted, however, we don’t give much thought to the day we’ll stand before the Lord. Christmas should remind us that the only way to be reconciled to the Father is through faith in His son.

I pray that amidst all the busyness, this month’s devotions will redirect your thoughts to Christ, who came down to us so we could one day go up to Him in heaven. Christmas is just a foretaste of what awaits us when we will finally see Jesus face to face.


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