The Cost of Discipleship

Salvation isa free gift of God. It comes to us through faith in His Son Jesus, who did everything necessary to accomplish our forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father. We can add nothing to this transaction: our job is simply to believe.

But from that point on, each one of us must make a choice: Will we follow Jesus or just coast along, doing what we want? If we limit our Christianity to merely sitting in a pew on Sunday Mornings, we’ll miss the greatest adventure of our life. Being a disciple of Christ requires that  we be actively engaged in our relationship with Him and in service to others.

Jesus never painted a rosy picture when He called people to follow Him. He stated quite plainly that becoming His follower would require self-denial, sacrifice, and suffering. With this kind of job description, it’s no wonder so many believers have tried to make Christianity a spectator sport. Following Jesus means that He directs our life-  that’s what dying to self is all about. We give up our rights to do what we want and instead submit to His will, even if it is difficult or doesn’t align without preferences. If you don’t realize how good, loving and wise our God is, walking His will may seem scary or even foolish.

But those who deny themselves to follow Jesus discover they lose nothing and gain everything. Even when His disciples are in a season of pain and suffering, the Lord gives them inner peace and joy that transcends circumstances. Are you following Jesus or yourself? Your lifestyle, words, and attitudes reveal who truly rules your life.


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