The Pattern for Servanthood

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In the world’s thinking, great men are the ones with authority, prominence, and power. Though Jesus Christ had all that, He laid it aside to become a servant.

Jesus gave Himself completely to fulfill the Father’s plan of redemption, even though the beneficiaries – namely, each of us – were undeserving. God, who is holy and righteous, has “eyes…too pure to approve evil, and can not look on wickedness with favor.” But all of humanity is stained by wrongdoing; everybody is born captive to the desires of the flesh. When people claim to be living on their own terms, they are actually serving whatever their human nature craves. The penalty for that false sense of liberty is death.

Jesus’ ultimate act of service was to give His life as a ransom for many. The word ransom describes the price paid to set a slave free – Christ voluntarily purchased our liberation. There was only one way our holy God could remove our guilt yet remain true to His own law; someone sinless had to pay our sin debt for us.

Jesus’ sacrifice spared us the penalty we deserve. Instead, we receive the gift of grace and have been declared no longer guilty. Moreover, we are elevated from slaves to sons and daughters of the Almighty!

Jesus served the Father’s purpose faithfully. He gave up his righteousness to carry the weight of all our wickedness – and endured a crushing separation from His Father. To meet our needs, the Savior held nothing of Himself back and thereby set a powerful example of servanthood for us to follow.


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