Practicing the Presence, Practicing Peace

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God is always with us, but how do we know that? How do we know God – the Allness of the Universe? The divine energy that is foundational to all there is – the substance that supports us?

We know God by getting in touch with the mystery; by practicing the Presence.

And what does practicing the Presence mean? It means going within and communing with that which is fully divine. Communing with the Divine- communing with the most sacred part of ourselves – allows us to touch that which can’t be touched physically. Although not physical, it can bring forth in us the most joyful, amazing feelings, including calm, serenity and peace.

Practicing the Presence, communing with the  Divine, going within and touching the stillness of our souls allow us to know God. And to know God is to experience peace.

Through the practice of Presence, I have gained my strength and sense of balance. In practicing the Presence, I have known and practice peace.


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