Indifference to Christmas

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Each year there’s a predictable variety of responses to the celebrations & traditions of the holiday season. During the next few days I will examine 3 reactions to Christmas. Although 2000 years have passed since Christ was born His birth still elicits similar attitudes.

1 common response is indifference.Even if they are filled with the holiday spirit & celebrate with gifts, dinners, decorations & parties some people remain totally indifferent to Jesus. He doesn’t even cross their minds because they’ve lost sight of the reason for Christmas.

In the story of the magi’s search for the newborn King of the Jews we see a surprising indifference on the part of the religious leaders.The entourage from the East caused quite a stir in Jerusalem. It wasn’t every day that impressive visitors arrived with such a shocking and exciting announcement. Yet when King Herod asked the scribes and chief priests where the Messiah was to be born they simply told him the answer but made no attempt to go themselves. Their lives were already filled with their religious duties & they had no time or interest in anything that might disrupt their positions of prominence & authority.

Sometimes it’s easy to let the activities and pressures of Christmas push Jesus out of our thoughts. After all the shopping is finished the gifts are wrapped & the food is prepared we might rush off to a service but even then we often feel distracted. Though it may take deliberate refocusing this year let’s intentionally make Jesus the priority of Christmas.


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