Getting the Most Out of Work

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“Love what you do and you will not work a day in your life” goes the saying. But we don’t always get to do what we like or labor alongside easy – going people. Any job- even a well loved one – has low points and tasks that feel like drudgery. Our attitude then can’t be based upon the work itself or our feelings, rather it must reflect our position as God’s children. We would be far wiser to adopt a new maxim “Work for the Lord you love and you will be fulfilled every day of your life.”

We get the most out of our work when we view ourselves as servants. That however is not the perspective of modern culture, which teaches us to seek power and respect for self instead of toiling diligently for those who are in authority over us.

When it comes to our attitude about work here is the principle as taught in God’s word “In all things obey those who are your masters on earth”. Biblical obedience isn’t merely an outward show with inward grumbling and resentment. Rather it is a true commitment to the welfare of the employer.

God’s children are called to be His servants. Since we spend significant amounts of time at a job much of our service will be done there. As employees we are to apply the bibical principles of obedience and sacrifice because whoever our human boss may be the Lord is the ultimate authority overseeing our actions. He wants to observe us practicing righteousness at work and in all areas of our lives.


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