You make me wanna stay..

  • Deaf to the bullshit, blind to the fake. It’s my life I’ll be damned if I waste it!
  • Never apologize for having high standards, people who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them
  • You may hate me for being a sarcastic bitch but I’m the one who gets exactly what I want while you’re still whining about it
  • When my daughters ask what is marriage I’ll reply it’s a fancy word for adopting an overgrown male child who can’t be handled by his parents anymore
  • A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities her light causes them to pursue her
  • There’s nothing sweeter than hearing a man say those 3 little words “you were right”
  • Your spouse is the only one whose seen you at your worst, smelled your morning breath, put up with your crazy relatives, endured your quirky habits and still loves you.
  • I really think tossing and turning at night should be considered exercise
  • Rules when I first wake up 1. everyone shut up 2. get out of my way 3. don’t ask me questions
  • don’t worry about the family that ignores and acts like you don’t matter. Love the ones who are always there for you no matter what.
  • What its like to be a parent: it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love
  • I fall I rise I make mistakes I live and learn I’ve been hurt but I’m alive I’m human I’m not perfect but I’m thankful
  • Be bold enough to use your voice brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you want
  • I’ve seen better days and I’ve seen worse. I don’t have everything that I want but I do have all I need. I woke up with some aches and pains but I woke up. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed.

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