Seeing Christ in Our circumstances

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Philippians 1:12-25

If you had the power to change your circumstances would you? Since no one has a life without problems most of us would immediately say yes. However the reality is that we must learn to live with some of our difficult circumstances because only God has the power to alter them and in His providence He’s allowed them to remain.

Take the apostle Paul for example. He had a desire to go to Rome and preach the gospel but didn’t anticipate the route God would use to bring him there. It began with false accusations in Jerusalem, an appeal to Caesar, a rough sea voyage, and a shipwreck and eventually included time spent in a Roman prison. This was probably not what Paul had envisioned but as he sat chained to a Roman guard he wrote the following words to the church in Philippi: “My circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel”. The very circumstance that may have seemed like an unfair misfortune became the avenue for fruitful service.

What looks like a shipwreck or detour in our plans could actually be God’s ordained path for our lives. It may include financial challenges, health issues, relationship conflicts, or any number of other hardships, but there is one certainty to which we can cling: Jesus Christ is our life, and He never changes.

Conditions around us will change but if we belong to Christ He’ll use every situation to accomplish His will in and through us. Even when we face matters of life and death we can share Paul’s desire – that Christ would be exalted in us whether through life or death.


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