Learning Contentment.

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Philippians 4: 10-13

We usually associate contentment with good conditions. When our family relationships are great, work is fulfilling, and we have no health or financial problems, then we feel at ease. But if something goes wrong, our satisfaction vanishes.

That’s not what today’s passage is talking about. Paul had learned to be content no matter what his conditions were. This is wonderful news for us because it means we aren’t at the mercy of our circumstances, we too can learn to be content regardless of what we’re facing. We should rememeber:

Paul was content because he rested in God’s faithfulness. He knew the Lord was in full control and promised to work all things for His children’s good. In any and every circumstance Paul rested in the security of God’s sovereign loving hand. The apostle also trusted that whatever he needed would be provided in the Lord’s time.

His contentment also flowed from a focus on Christ. Although he was writing from a Roman prison Paul wasn’t feeling like a victim or wallowing in self pity. Throughout the letter to the Philippians he talked about Jesus. In fact his greatest pursuit in life was to know Christ, His power, and the fellowship of His sufferings. No circumstance could hinder that pursuit. On the contrary every situation even when painful or difficult was an opportunity to know Christ more intimately.

We’ll never be able to find lasting contentment in our circumstances but we can find it in Christ. When we surrender our life to Him our situation may not change but we will. No matter what we face we can be content.


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