God’s Word to Us

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2 Timothy 4:1-5

Most everyone in our society has easy access to a Bible yet far too often this book is left unopened. If only people grasped its true worth they would prize God’s Word above every other possession.

All of Scripture was inspired by the Holy Spirit. While He used man to pass each line every thought and word in the Bible orginated with God Himself.

Consider how we treasure letters from people we love. Our response to Scripture should be even stronger. The Creator of the universe – the God who holds eternity in His hand – recorded all the truth that is necessary for His children to live fully and joyfully both before and after death. God reveals Himself through His Word which is alive and so powerful that it can transform our lives.

What’s more Romans 10:17 explains the great importance of our love for the Bible: “So faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.” Scripture then is the very means by which saving faith is possible.

How could such a book become so commonplace in our heart? So taken for granted? It is vital that we realize the preeminence of its author and Scripture’s potential impact on our life today. Think about the last  time you saw a Bible. What was your reaction? Did you finger the pages with awe or did you pass it by with barely a glance? Next time you open this precious book read the words savor their meaning and ask God to help you apply its lessons to your life.


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