Facing Our Fears

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PSALM 91:1-16

Fear creeps into our life and wraps itself around our mind and heart.  This can happen so subtly that we don’t recognize how anxiety has affected our decision making, our health and our spirit. Ultimately many people miss God’s best because apprehension keeps them from stepping out in faith to do His will.

The fear may seem unimportant at first but left unchecked it begins to interfere with our life. Physically we may experience tension that keeps us from relaxing and enjoying the day’s pleasures. Mentally our mind may be clouded by fear which can limit what we are willing to think about and consider. If that should happen our dreams and creativity will almsot certainly be stifled.

But the mental paralysis that often accompanies unchecked fear is most dangerous to our spiritual life. Unless it is entrusted to God a single fear can easily rule over us coloring our attitude with a general sense of disquiet. We become indecisive worried that we will make the wrong choice. So we are trapped trying to avoid anything that might make us anxious. Consequently we stop growing and are usually hindered in our work and family life too.

If you allow yourself to be paralyzed by worry you can’t be placing complete trust in God and following Him wholeheartedly. Make an honest assessment of your life and ask the Lord to reveal places where fear is holding you back.


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