Get to know me… the real me.

My parents are in their forties
One of my parents is a smoker
I enjoy hunting
I like fourwheeling {which is also known as quadding}
I enjoy spending time with my family
I like to shop {when I’m in the mood for it}
I love being outdoors
Camping is one of my getaways 
I {occasionally} enjoy drinking
Listen to music
Make a phone call and/or send a text message
Speak to my family
Get a tattoo {finished}


Ask.Believe.Receive. xox LiLi


Have you ever made out in a hot tub?
Haha pretty close to it… oh lawd that was forever ago.

Are you happy with your weight?
uh no..but I’m 7 months preggo soo…

If you could move out right now, would you?
Uh yeah…this hell hole is soo overrated.

Do you like your toes?
uhm..I could care less?

If you had a bf/gf, would you make out with someone else for 0?
I don’t believe in cheating..sorry

Have you ever snuck around, almost got caught, lied, and actually got away with it?

Do you go to church? If so, do you actually pay attention?
I;m not religious by any means.

Do you always flush the toilet after you use it?
Of course.

Do you put the complete lid down afterwards too?
Nah..if it’s up its up who cares..

Do you have a religion?
no I don’t.

How often do you wash your hands?
whenever needed

How often do you wash your hair?
every day

Do you let your nails grow or bite them off?
bite… ugh nasty habit I know.

Friends with benefits, just friends, or relationship?
currently… relationship

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
I don’t know..I have a life to a degree lol

Do you have o.c.d.?

When you are home alone at night and hear strange noises, are you afraid someone is going to break in?

Have you ever given someone a fake tattoo with a marker?
hahah oops 🙂

Do you want any tattoos? If so, where?
Yes.. my back of my right side..the rest of my sleeve and my back.

Would you rather have your nose or tongue pierced?
mmm nose again..

Monroe or lip?
monroe…opp side this time

Do you play with the other person’s hair when you kiss?
eh..only when we fck it out.

What curse word do you say the most out loud?
I say whatever one I want when I want…

To yourself?

Have you ever farted in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend?
yeah who gives two fcks

Ever peed in your pants after the age of 10?

Most memorable experience of peeing on yourself?
Uh nothing franklly

Had any surgeries? What kind?
yea… tonsils removed

Ever ate any type of animal food?
ew.. no

Ever been shanked (pantsed) in public?

Talked bad about a friend behind their back?
they wouldn’t be my friend if I did that…stupid

Wished someone would just disappear?

Ever told your parents you hated them?
Oh for sure..

Ever wish you had a different family?
eh no

Ever ate your boogers after the age of 8?

Have you ever self-broadcasted a porn show on the internet?

Have you ever smoked pot?
gag na

Ever smoked cigarettes?

Ever been drunk?
baha yeah

Have you ever dressed up as the opposite sex?

Ever fall in mud?
mudd bogs back home yeah

Ever wrecked a four-wheeler?

Do you moisturize daily?

Do you shower daily?

Does a certain smell remind you of anyone or anything?

Do you bite your nails?

Did you ever eat anything really gross on a dare?

Do you sing in front of people?
try no

Are you a polite person?
eh depends on the person…

Can you make money easily?

Do you care about appearances?

Do you make your bed every morning?

Last text was from?

Last time you had to use an anti-itch oitment?
uhm no clue

would you rather be 3’11” or 8’2″?


[2] Quotes.

Love is in your heart, Peace is in your nerves, truth is in your mind.

Respect is given, disrespect is earned. Mistakes make me human, failure makes me stronger. Love keeps me alive but its you who keeps me smiling.

No matter how carefully you choose your words they’ll always end up being twisted by others.

Money will not bring you happiness but I would rather cry in a mercedes than in a bus.

I’m that chic the one afraid of lightening and has the weird fear of a clown living under her bed. I’m the chic who unties down her emotions and if you can tell somethings wrong you’re only of the only.

The #536 rule of relationships:: don’t let the opinions of others consume you.

Scared as hell to want you but here I am wanting you anyway and fear means I have something to lose right? And I don’t want to lose you so this is it this is love giving you the power to break me but trusting you not to.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and how you do it.

I keep my relationship between me and my man not us and everyone in the world.

When you actually have a good girl out there say no to hoes.

 I really wanted to punch some people then I realized they have to look in the mirror everyday and that’s punishment enough.

I am a woman not a princess. I have an attitude, opinions and very loud voice. I am not a liar or a cheat. I am an independent, intelligent and strong woman.

Get to know me..



My name I won’t list but we’ll just go by nickname LiLi

I’m 22 yrs young [[as I really don’t feel old..all the time]] and a mommy.. I say mommy because my oldest is 5 yrs and my youngest well she’s still brewing away in my tummy until September 2013 🙂

I live for me and my family and my Fiance who is a wonderful man whose been in my life since 2007. We plan on getting married eventually..just seems we are the crazy madly stupidly foolishly in love with each other couple that tend to do things backwards instead of forward.

I originate from NY but because he’s army..for now we reside in CO..and if you must know it’s not a damn thing close to home but well as the saying goes “Home is where you make it”


This blog will be mainly quotes..I’m not fancy I just put what I like and what affects me on here…don’t like it click elsewhere, exit my page…yadda yadda. Of course I may rant and rave here or there but for the most part my quotes convey my feelings better than I ever could.



xoxo LiLi

Quotes for everything among a few rants and raves of my life my new me.