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Yes I make mistakes. So do you.

Some people say to me ‘you’ve changed what happened’ and all I can say is how far back do you want me to go?

I’m nice as fuck so if you see me being mean to someone they earned that shit.

When nothing bothers you anymore you know shit changing.

Bitch STFU I have underwear cuter than you

If other people don’t understand you that is their problem not yours remember this and life becomes simple and more enjoyable.

A mans money will never excite and independent woman.

I’ll be exactly who you want me to be until I’m done with you then I’ll show you the monster I really am.

I love the fact that the very sight of me can fuck a bitches mood up ya’ll gotta stop letting me have that power.

Forget the past. Remember the lesson.


Christmas Eve Quote Joy..

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.

Don’t let someone whose done nothing tell you how to do anything.

I own no explanations for my flaws. I don’t have to justify my mistakes, my past or my insecurities. I am growing and learning let me live.

Be bold enough to use your voice, love enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Let people do what they need to do to make them happy, mind your business and do what you need to do to make you happy.

If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to learn no one can stop you.

The best is yet to come.


* To all my followers .. from my family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Quote Refill.

Don’t impress others with what you have, impress them with who you are.

You’re not what happened to you in the past, you’re now, you’re this moment. What will you do with it? Who will you choose to become?

What has 90 balls and screws old ladies? Bingo

In a nudist colony where do men put their wallet? Just sayin’

I just realized men are like goldfish, they look at you when you’re talking but don’t listen to a damn word you’re saying.

It doesn’t matter how you look, what you weigh or how much makeup you put on. The right guy will love you for what’s in the inside

I was just thinking about how it drives me crazy just to feel your hand in mine and how simple that is.

I just can’t imagine life getting any better than this. I just knew no feeling could match my passion for you. A love couldn’t be any more right than ours. I adore you above the heaven and the stars. I will never be the same.

Relationships: it’s more than just the dates, holding hands and kissing. It’s about accepting each other’s flaws, about being yourself and finding happiness together.

Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make.

Your opinions are like periods, I didn’t ask for them

Being true to yourself is the smartest thing you can ever do. Don’t let the words of others lead you down a road of confusion.

Turn me on..

  • Your relationship is just that: yours. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else
  • A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes us forget the hundreds of lovable moments we’ve spent together within a minute
  • Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood you;ll have many chances to change a mood but you’ll never get the chance to replace the words you spoke
  • My decisions may be regrettable but my life is anything but forgettable
  • To put the past behind you you must accept that you’ve moved beyond it
  • Dwelling on the past only binds you to the future (word ends)
  • Sleep all day, party all night, grow old never die (word start)
  • If people have something to say about your life that’s saying little about their own keep your head up stay strong and move on

Song of the moment: Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran


xoxox L


  • I’ve been walked on, used and forgotten and I don’t regret one moment because I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned who I can trust and the meaning of friendship, I’ve learned to tell when people are lying and sincere, I’ve learned to be myself and appreciate the great people in my life
  • If she grinds with you when youre broke, comforts when your sick and inspires when you’re ready to give up..wife her
  • Cleaning out the past, packing up the present and preparing for the future
  • No matter how much a snake sheds skin it’s still a snake
  • ‘Fuck it’ has helped me through a lot of situations
  • My mind is dangerous. My mouth piece is the killer
  • You never know what God has in store and you can make all the plans you want but at the end of the day whatevers going to happen will happen
  • I’m a polite bitch I’ll tell you excuse me and stfu in the same sentence
  • I hate bitches who think that they’re the sexiest piece of shit on earth when in reality they look like they just came out of a cow’s ass.
  • I see your silent treatment and raise you a fuck off
  • I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you think I give a shit about your feelings
  • Bitches need showers…their attitude stinks
  • Trusting you is my decision proving me right is your choice
  • A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on its wings always believe in yourself
  • I don’t trust words I trust actions
  • Every summer has a story
  • People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when theyre happy
  • Sometimes you win sometimes you learn
  • The struggling you do today will develop the strength you need tomorrow
  • I’m a survivor and I can handle anything I’m very confident about that
  • He’s not your prince charming if he doesn’t make sure you know that youre his princess

Song of the moment: Alarm by Anne-Marie


xoxo L

Just to think about it…

I’ve got the guy who says I love you every night & proves it everyday.

He handles my flaws, loves me on my moody days, kisses me when I don’t look great & says I’m beautiful no matter what happens.

I am crazy about you & that will never change for as long as you keep doing what you do making me laugh and holding me close as I sleep at night I will love you with all my heart.

I’m an angel with the knowledge of a sinner.

You can tell he’s in love by the way he looks at me. Other girls are faint stars & I’m his sun.

The heart wants what it wants, there’s no logic to those things.. you meet someone and you fall in love, that’s that.

I hate when spiders just sit on the wall and act like they pay the rent.

You are what you eat? Well that’s awkward because you’re a dick.

Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost. Life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

Stop worrying about your eyeliner, if your hair is alright or if your butt looks good in those jeans.. one day you’ll find a guy that won’t care about all that & you’ll no longer care about what anyone else thinks.. you are perfection in someone’s eyes don’t be so hard on yourself! 

xoxox L